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BRC Thatch is a Thatching Company

  • Repair Thatch Roofs
  • Strip and re-thatch
  • New thatch roofs
  • lightning conductors
  • Fire Retardant
  • Harvey Tiles roof

Repair thatch roofs in Pretoria | Herstel grasdakke in Pretoria

  • Repair leaks on thatch roofs | Herstel grasdakke wat lek.
  • Repair wind damaged on thatch roof | Herstel vind skade op grasdakke.
  • Repair storm damaged on thatch roof | Herstel storm skade op grasdakke.
  • Thatch Roof contractors that repair thatch roof in Pretoria and surrounding area.
  • Repair of all Thatch Roofs, Thatch Houses, Thatch Lodges and Lapas in Pretoria.
  • BRC thatch gives free quotes, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • General Maintenance of thatch roofs, thatch houses and thatch lodges in Pretoria.

Repair damaged thatch roofs

Brushing and tightening of thatching ropes on lapas, thatch roofs and thatch houses.

Each thatch roof needs to be brush every 5 years, this is to keep your thatch roof neat and to prevent the thatch roof from rotting. This is general maintenance on you thatch roof that must be done.

Manufacture, Supply & Repairs of Fiberglass Ridging (Capping)

BRC Thatch build, manufacture and install fiberglass ridging. This fiberglass ridging is the capping or nok that are inserted on top of the thatch roof.

The thatch roof capping can also be built with grass or concrete but we prefer fiberglass. The concrete capping can be a problem. Sometimes the concrete mixture is not made to the correct specifications originally and the capping can crack and cause endless maintenance problems.

Fiberglass Ridging Repair

If you have these questions in mind, we are the right people to contact.

  • I want to repair my thatch roof
  • Who can repair my thatch roof or lapa
  • Looking for Thatch roof contractors
  • Want to repair my thatch roof leak
  • Want to repair storm damaged on my thatch roof

Strip and re-thatch thatch roofs in Pretoria| Strip en herdek grasdakke en lapas

Re-thatch Pretoria

Bruch of damaged thatch roofs | Kam van grasdakke wat beskadig is in Pretoria.

After years of brushing, a thatched roof will reach a minimum thickness and wires will be exposed - this indicates that no more brushing maintenance can be done and it is time to re-thatch your thatch roof or lapa.

Strip and Re-thatch thatch houses, thatch roofs and Lapas Due to bird and animal damage, thatch may become loose around the top capping area. BRC thatch will quote to fill these areas on a thatched roof and repair / replace cappings if necessary

bou van nuwe grasdakke en lapas

Build new thatch roofs and thatch houses | Bou nuwe grasdakke en lapa in Pretoria

New thatch roof

  • All our structures are erected with CCA treated SABS approved gumpoles. We use 150/175 thickness in diameter gumpoles for our standing poles to support a quality structure. The inside of your thatch roof will be thatched with cape reed.
  • Add extensions on existing thatch roofs | Voeg uitbreidings op bestaande grasdakke.
  • Building of new thatch roofs, lapas and thatch houses.
  • We can build different thatch roofs shapes and sizes.

Extention of lapa

Build and install lightning conductors in Pretoria | Bou en installeer weerlig afleiers

  • Build lightning conductors for thatch roof.
  • Repair lightning conductors for thatch roof.
  • Fix lightning conductors for thatch roof.
  • Install lightning conductors for thatch roof.
  • Test lightning conductors for thatch roof.
  • We provide a certificate when we install your lighting conductor next to your thatch roof.

Weerlig Afleier in Pretoria Installment of Lightning Conducter Thatch Roof Lightning Conductor instaleer van weerlif afleier-

Lightning Conductors for Thatch roofs in Pretoria.

A lightning conductor is a steel galvanized pole that protects your Thatch Roof from lightning strike, by providing an easier path for current to flow to earth than through the thatch roof. It consists of a thick copper strip of very low resistance connected to the ground below. A good connection to the ground is essential and is made by burying a large metal plate deep in the damp earth. In the event of a direct lightning strike, the current in the conductor may be so great as to melt or even vaporize the metal, but the damage to your thatch roof will nevertheless be limited.

Fire Retardant | Brand weerstand spry | Brandvertragende spry op grasdakke in Pretoria

Fire retardant (we spry thatch roofs for protection against fire)

BRC Thatch provides services that protect your thatch house against fire for both new and existing thatched roofs. This is a chemical created specifically to protect thatch roofs from fire, that is sprayed on your roof to seal your thatching grass to prevent flaming and slows the growth of a fire.

Fire protection spray

Advantages of fire retardant spray:

  • Could reduce the cost of your home insurance.
  • Protect your thatch house against fire.
  • Binds the thatch together making monkey and bird damage less likely.
  • Seals the thatch and prolongs the life of the roof.

Fire Retardant spray

Build Harvey Tiles thatch roof | Bou tëel grasdakke en lapas.

harvey Tile thatch roof

  • Build Harvey Tile roofs in Pretoria.
  • Replace thatch houses with tiled thatch roofs.
  • Install tiles on thatch roof.

Advantages of tiled thatch roofs or Harvey thatch roofs in Pretoria:

  • No maintenance needed on Harvey tile thatch roofs.
  • No damage due to wind or storms.
  • Your thatch tiles roof will have lower Insurance premiums due to no fire risk.
  • No dust.

It is possible to change your existing thatch roof to a thatch tiled roof or just build a new thatch tiled roof. The inside of the Harvey tiled roof still has the appearance of a thatch roof with Cape Reed.

Please contact us for more information.

Harvey tile pretoria Cape Reed harvey tile
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