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Supply Jungle gym slides in Pretoria. | verskaffers van Klimraam produkte in Pretoria.

To make your jungle gym more fun, colorful and presentable, add a little color to your children’s playground. BRC Thatch supply jungle gym fiberglass sides, different colors. You can choose between blue, red, yellow and green. We also manufacture and repair jungle gym fiberglass slides.

Please contact us for more information.

Jungle gym fiberglass side Jungle gym Fiberglass Slides

Suppliers of Jungle Gym caps | Jungle Gym roofs in Pretoria

Jungle gym fiberglass cap | roof:

They also come in different colours and sizes. Please contact us for more information.

Jungle gym fiberglass caps Jungle gym fiberglass cap

Supply Jungle gym gum poles in Pretoria

Build and Supply Jungle gyms in Pretoria:

Wooden Jungle Gym

BRC Thatch is a professional timber jungle gym manufacturer in Pretoria. We build a range of standard wooden jungle gyms and also steel jungle gyms to our clients need. BRC Thatch can repair any type of old playground.

Supply garden pots and tiles in Pretoria | Verskaf tuin potte en teëls in Pretoria:

Upgrade your garden by decorating your garden with garden pots and tiles to round of your garden. This will give your garden a spectacular look and feel.

Garden Pots Pretoria Garden Tiles

Dog Houses and Animal houses in Pretoria | Verkoop honde hokke in Pretoria

Dog houses

Your dog / friend still sleeping outside in the cold, rain, heal, wind and sun. Ever consider buying him/her a home to sleep in. BRC Thatch supply different sizes of wooden dog houses.

Please make your pet happy with a new home to sleep in.

You can also use this dog houses for other animal friends like:

  • Cat houses
  • Rabbits houses
  • Birds houses
  • Chicken houses
  • Ander other small animals

Water Features | Water fountains | Garden Decorations in Pretoria:

Imagine this water feature in your garden, the relaxing sound of water drizzling in your ears. Here is the chance to make your garden more interesting and it is not just something for the eye but also something for the ears as well.

The sound of running water has a stimulating calming effect and we are sure to have a fountain for you! A large fountain as a focal point or a small feature in an empty corner …

Water features Water Features
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